Anti-Mask Rally Clip Goes Viral Because People Cannot Believe It Isn’t A Parody (VIDEO)

This is amazing.

An anti-mask rally in St. George, Utah, has gone viral this week for reasons that will become abundantly clear once you hit play on the clip below.

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At a time where it’s becoming increasingly difficult to tell what’s real and what isn’t, you’re just going to have to take our word for it that these people are 100% genuine and not parodying anti-maskers whatsoever. In fact it would be impossible to parody something this ridiculous. Strap in:

Wow. Just wow. The George Floyd/”I can’t breathe” analogy actually made my jaw drop. Simply ridiculous and flawed logic right there. You couldn’t script it better if you tried.

Let’s run through these morons one by one because it feels like they all had something stupid to say…

I like how this lady is threatening to take away federal funding like she has any say in that whatsoever. Crazy to think they probably filmed her whole speech on that megaphone and that was the one bit that was coherent enough to use.

“Go on Johnny, say it right into the camera just like we practiced at home. That’s a good lad.”

This guy didn’t say anything too stupid but I get the feeling he isn’t too bothered either way and just showed up to have himself a nice day out. Fair enough.

The word ‘Karen’ gets thrown around a lot these days but as soon as this woman popped up comparing wearing masks to George Floyd being suffocated to death… I mean that’s about as ‘Karen’ as it gets to be honest.

Wow how the hell had no one thought of this angle before? Masks are bad because child molesters love them! Can’t argue with that level of big brain logic.

And finally…

Lol! Get it? He breathes fresh air! Take that you mask-wearing dummies!

In fairness, I’m open to the idea that the virus may not be as dangerous as we initially thought and that potentially, shutting down the whole world these last few months may not have been entirely necessary. But until we figure it all out for sure, why not be on the safe side and wear a mask? It’s just such a minor inconvenience. I’ll never wrap my head around these people who aggressively refuse to wear one.

Also, if you hate masks so much, how about a £750 Louis Vuitton face shield? Go on, treat yourself.


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