Watch The Dumbest Moment In Quiz Show History As Contestant Repeats The Chaser’s Wrong Answer

Bradley Walsh

The Chase is one of the staple’s of daytime quiz show television – especially now Deal Or No Deal is sadly no longer on the air – and it’s also been responsible recently for some really hilarious on screen gaffes with the one below definitely ascending to the top of the charts. I’ve genuinely never seen anything like it.

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If you’ve clicked on the article then you probably already know what is coming, but trust me it’s even better than you can imagine. Honestly, it’s better if I don’t even talk about it because the level of stupidity and ridiculousness is out of this world in this clip:

I mean what the actual heck? How can that guy not hear either The Chaser saying the answer or his partner telling him that it’s the wrong answer? How can he be so blindly assured of its correctness that he just completely disregards his teammate telling him the correct answer and blabbers it out at Bradley Walsh?

Of course, it’s made even better by the fact that the dude is some old melt who looks like he spends his weekends reenacting the Civil War and telling everyone boring stories about himself that nobody cares about, and that his partner got the answer correct straight away but he ignored her so hard he said a wrong answer that had already been offered. Hopefully everyone that knows him mentions this every time he opens his mouth to say something useless (every time he opens his mouth basically).

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