Watch This Dude Powerbomb A Girl To Oblivion On The Bar Of A Busy Club

Guy Powerbombs Girl Bar

Is that a new dance move?

We’ve all seen those videos of dancing going a bit too crazy to the point where it might actually be offensive or hurt someone, but this video is a couple of levels up from that.

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In the video, some guys are dancing at a club and pulling out your usual daggering moves when one dude decides to take it up a notch. Not content with grinding his dick into the ass of the girl he’s with, he decides to motion her up onto the bar and then proceeds to powerbomb her onto it. WTF?

Lol. I’ve seriously watched that about five times and every single time I absolutely crease myself. It’s just so bizarre that this guy would do that – why would he even think to do it? “Oh I’m having a good time dancing with this girl, I’m just going to powerbomb her on the bar now” – surely nobody else in the entire history of the world has ever had that thought process except for this guy?

Fair play though, if the girl wasn’t badly hurt it was absolutely hilarious. For another powerbomb, check out this guy powerbombing someone straight to hell in a street fight. Big move.


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