Watch This Dude Completely Melt His Dick Off And Burn His Balls To Oblivion (VIDEO)

Man burns crotch

That’s gotta hurt.

Don’t really get why this kid thought it would be a good idea to completely fill his glass with what looks like Baiju (70% Chinese rice wine), set it alight and then pour it down himself. You know shit like that is going to end in disaster.

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And unfortunately for him, it definitely did. I think he was attempting to try and drink it, which is still pretty dumb, but instead he spills the burning alcohol all over his crotch. The more he panics, the more it spreads. Not entirely sure what the end result was, but it can’t be good. Check it out:

Ouch, that’s gotta hurt. His screams do seem to die down at the end but I’m pretty sure he must’ve done some serious damage to his dick. That’s what you get for being a cocky little shit and trying to show off on camera.

Same goes to the girl who suffered serious burns on her crotch after setting it on fire during a particularly fierce dancing competition.


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