Watch Brian Anderson Describe What It’s Like Coming Out As A Gay Skateboarder


Powerful stuff.

Homosexuality within sports is unfortunately still a very taboo subject, with very few athletes willing to come out to the world due to the stigma and backlash that they would face from both the public and their peers.

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There are a brave few that choose to make this decision – not that it is really anyone’s business anyway – and the latest is professional skateboarder Brian Anderson. Anderson has been worshipped in the sport for years thanks to his clean casual style and ability to land big tricks with the greatest of ease, but it’s only now that he’s decided to divulge his sexuality to the rest of the world, having kept it secret from even some of his closest friends for years.

Vice Sports caught up with him and some of his inner circle to find out why he chose to make such a momentous decision at this point in his life:

Powerful stuff and particularly inspirational for anyone struggling to make the same decision. It’s great when someone in the public eye does something like this and will inevitably help any young gay skateboarders/athletes/humans with making a similar decision. Just do what you want and be comfortable with it.

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