Watch Cristiano Ronaldo Take On Jesse Pinkman At Poker

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‘Let’s see the river card, bitch’

Poker is one of the most fun games on the planet, because even if you don’t really have a clue what you’re doing you can still manage to get lucky and take down someone way better than you. It’s also pretty fun to watch it on television for that reason.

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Pokerstars has taken this to the next level in their latest instalment of their charity events by getting some of the biggest celebrities in the world to face off against each other. In this episode you see Cristiano Ronaldo face off against Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad (AKA Aaron Paul), with the winner seeing $20,000 go to Save The Children.

They also got a couple of female poker players in to coach them as well because you know, equality/fairness etc. Anyway, watch them duke it out below:

Yeah, like Ronaldo was ever going to lose, really? He’s not gonna come on something like this and get embarrassed by a jobber like Jesse Pinkman is he? Aaron Paul did look a bit gutted there at the end though, like he really did want to win. I suppose that’s why he’s an actor though right?

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