Watch This Cop Break Up A Girl Fight In Absolutely Brutal Fashion

Cop Breaks Up Girl Fight

He sent them both to the emergency room.

Breaking up a fight is no easy task, and there’s the chance that if you’re a major pussy then you might end up getting battered yourself.

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Therefore, the only option really to avoid that is to make sure that you go in hard, so there is absolutely no way that anyone in that fight is going to mess with you. The absolute best example I have ever seen of this is below, where a massive policeman spears two school girls fighting in a corridor out of their shoes and then holds them down on the ground by their necks. Take no prisoners:

Ouch. Sharon Rivera – one of the mothers of the children involved in the altercation – revealed that her daughter had a severely bruised elbow dude to this policeman’s actions:

He tackled my kid like a football player.

If they would have trained him properly it could have been handled better.

I mean yeah, what the heck was this guy thinking? I know I said earlier you might get beaten up if you get involved in a fight, but I don’t really think this big American cop really needed to be worried about getting the crap kicked out of him by two schoolgirls in this situation. Surely he could have just stepped up to them and stood in between them and they would have respected him as a cop? But hey I guess that’s America for you.

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