Watch A Chipotle Worker Throw Scissors At A Woman Who Complained

Crazy behaviour.

I think everyone knows that people who work in fast food probably have some of the worst jobs in history as they’re massively underpaid and have to deal with disrespectful customers all the time, but I’m not sure if that means that it’s legit to throw scissors at people who are complaining to them.

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This is what went down though at a Chipotle restaurant over in Baltimore on Tuesday and there’s video footage of the incident as well. In fairness, it sounds as if Atony Evans was well within his rights to complain as he ordered his food online ahead of time but then still had to wait over 20 minutes to pick it up when he arrived at the store. H

e doesn’t sound like he’s being that much of a dickhead in the video, but the manager is clearly having a bad day as she massively freaks out at him and ends up throwing the scissors at him:

Ouch. Maybe they didn’t hit him square on and it doesn’t look like it particularly hurt, but there’s no denying that throwing scissors at someone is massively dangerous and there’s also no reason she should be reacting the way that she does when Evans isn’t even being that much of a dickhead about it all. It’s probably a bit of an overreaction to call the cops – they did show up but the woman had run off and there’s now an active investigation into the incident – but you can understand how ticked off the guy probably was about the whole situation.

Evans attributed the whole situation to the stress of living in the city, saying the following:

Most of the inner city restaurants, if you go in there and you have a problem with your order, it’s better just to go ahead and humbly accept it unless something serious because they don’t want to hear it.

It seems like they’re more belligerent, more animosity, more negativity, less amenable and less toward customer service.

Yeah I guess you can’t really blame them because it’s such a shitty job, but there was no reason for the woman in the video to act like that. Think she’s probably just a crappy person in general. I hope she does end up getting arrested because she could have seriously hurt someone. Moron.

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