Watch Chewbacca Rip Off Unkar Plutt’s Arm In This Deleted Scene



‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ was almost universally praised when it was released last year, but I don’t think that I can recall anyone saying that it needed to be more violent.

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If there was anyone out there though who thought that was the one element missing from it, then this deleted scene is for you. In it, Chewbacca rips off Unkar Plutt’s arm after he starts having a go at Rey about pinching the Millennium Falcon.

Chewy is having none of it and steps up to Plutt before ripping his arm off like he truly couldn’t care less:

Wow – not even much of an acknowledgement or anything, he just rocks up straight away and pulls his arm off.  See you later, no messing. Can’t really see any reason why this scene was deleted to be honest, can you?

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