Watch ‘Black Juicy’ And Lizzy Throw Cups Of Tea, Bin Lids And Abuse At Each Other In WWE Style Hardcore Match

Black Juicy Lizzie

Benefits Street in real life.

It’s well known that the WWE hardcore division saw some of the best and most violent fights in the history of wrestling and it’s a damn shame that we don’t get to see half as many of those as we used to now that it’s been toned down a bit.

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Thankfully, every now and again a fight like the one below crops up in real life that helps us to relive these moments. The video is taken from the Bank Holiday Weekend up in Shildon, County Durham where a woman named Lizzy is twerking her butt in another woman named Black Juicy’s face, which results in the two of them going at each other and using whatever weapons and dirty tactics they have available, including cups of tea, bin lids and the use of the word ‘slut’ an obscene amount of time.

Get a load of this:

Wow. That was like an episode of the Jeremy Kyle show on steroids, set outside without Jeremy or Steve around to break up the inevitably fight. Favourite part was definitely when she pushed her over that little wall when she was trying to recover. Real sneaky move that.

Apparently following the scrap, Black Juicy was arrested after the fight but was eventually released without charge. We’re eagerly awaiting the rematch as there’s no telling what might happen when these two superstars face up to each other on the street again. Just hope somebody is there with a camera phone to catch it.

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