Woman’s Clothes Get Ripped Off While Brutally Battering Girl In Street Fight (VIDEO)

This fight cannot be unseen.

I don’t know much about the background of this story, but from what it looks like, the woman in the yellow top has done something to piss off the woman in the purple top.

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The footage shows the large chick going absolutely next level psycho on the other woman, pulling her across the street while shouting and screaming. She’s so consumed by the fight that she doesn’t seem to care that all of her clothes have been ripped off, leaving her breasts and belly flying around all over the place:

How about the dude filming/narrating? It’s one thing to film such a brutal street fight without intervening, but it’s another to provide a goading running commentary as the two women pummel each other to oblivion. Zero fucks given – he was having the time of his life.

To watch the UK equivalent of this fight, click HERE.


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