Watch This Biker Absolutely Destroy Idiot Policeman With His Knowledge Of The Law


Excruciatingly embarrassing.

It’s one of the scariest things in the world to try and take on an asshole cop, especially in America because you could quite easily end up getting shoot. But when it pays off I bet that there is absolutely no sweeter feeling.

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This clip kinda proves that. In it, a cop has come over to a group of kids who have been BMXing and told them that they can do tricks in that area, but as soon as they leave it they aren’t legally allowed to ride their bikes on the boardwalk and that it’s pissing people off.

Fortunately though, this one kid knows the exact law that states that they actually ARE allowed to ride their bikes in that area, and he proceeds to drop a knowledge bomb on this jabroni:

“So did you get your law degree on Facebook?” has to be one of the best lines that the classic jobsworth cop character could come out with. And then to get absolutely shut down by the kid in an eloquent and informed manner must make him feel like a complete and utter tool. Love videos like this.

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