Undefeated Bar Brawler Challenges MMA Fighter To A Match; Gets KO’ed In 18 Seconds Flat

Big Ryan

Never go up against a professional.

Most people think that they’re tough and good at fighting and I suppose if you’re a man named Big Ryan and you’ve won over 50 bar fights, you’ve got fair reason to think that. However, coming up against a trained MMA fighter is a completely different kettle of fish.

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That’s what Big Ryan found out during his bout with a guy who is only referred to as the Jordanian Nightmare, in what looks like the backyard in some hick town in the American south. I guess it’s probably normal for people to have backyard MMA matches in places like that.

Anyway, Big Ryan doesn’t fare so well, getting completely dominated in about 18 seconds. Ouch:

Maybe the fight got stopped a bit early there because it seems like Big Ryan still knows what’s going on as he sheepishly walks off, but I don’t think anyone can deny that he got completely battered by the Jordanian Nightmare. Stick to the bar fights Ryan, leave this stuff to the professionals.

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