Watch This Asshole Cause A Car Crash And Then Try To Flee, But Get Instantly Caught By Police

Instant karma.

It always seems like whenever you actually need the police that they’re never actually there – too busy sitting around eating donuts or whatever – but in the video below they do finally turn up on time and dispense some rough justice to a major asshole.

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The guy you can see in the picture above comes across like a major dickhead in this video. Not only does he cause an accident, but he also runs over and tries to attack the woman filming him afterwards and then tries to flee from the scene as well.

Fortunately, that’s when the cops show up and block him off:

Brilliant. There’s just something so satisfying about seeing this guy getting what’s coming to him and not being able to escape from his crimes. You absolutely love to see it. You can just jell he’s a major jerkwad as well from the way he dresses and acts so there’s no question of him not deserving it either.

For more of the same, here’s a video of a looter getting looted. Can’t say he didn’t get what was coming to him.


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