Watch An ISIS Car Full Of Explosives Drive Into An Iraqi Convoy, Killing 5 Soldiers


The battle for Mosul continues to rage.

The battle for Mosul continues to rage over in Syria and doesn’t really show any signs of stopping anytime soon, but ISIS are getting more and more desperate in their defence efforts as the video below shows.

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The footage was captured by BBC journalists reporting on the Mosul conflict over there and features BBC Arabic’s Feras Kilani and cameraman Marek Polaszewski who are shadowing an Iraqi special forces until as they prepare to enter some of the more heavily guarded areas of the city. The majority of the news report below just shows the Iraq soldiers being badasses really, but towards the end you get to see a desperate charge from ISIS as they drive a car full of explosives into an Iraqi convoy, blowing it up and murdering 5 of their soldiers. RIP:

Yikes that was a big bang. I probably would have expected it to have taken more people with it to be honest.

Man I love how that one journalist just immediately starts taking pictures of everyone after the explosion, rather than actually seeing if everyone is OK. I guess you’ve always gotta be working in that job though haven’t you?

For more explosions, check out this ISIS suicide bomber accidentally blowing himself up. Dumbass.


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