Watch Yet Another ISIS Suicide Bomber Get Destroyed Before He Reaches His Target

Things just seem to be getting worse and worse for ISIS.

It’s been well documented that things seem to be going downhill for ISIS at the moment, and this video isn’t going to do anything to dispel that opinion either.

It features a bunch of fighters for the Iraqi Popular Mobilisation Forces who are pretty much merking a bunch of ISIS suicide bombers who are planning to go and detonate themselves in the region of Samarra in an effort to halt the advances of the IPMF. The IPMF are just sitting there at the side of the road with their anti tank machine guns and automatic grenade launchers and just waiting for these suicide bombers to get in their sights, before they unleash hell on them causing them to explode in a massive fireball and not take any innocent lives with them. Good work lads.

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Of course, there’s no way to verify if they’re actually destroying ISIS suicide bombers as we only have some Arabic words and their translations to confirm this, but I really hope it’s true and that ISIS are falling even further behind in their attempts to create an Islamic caliphate. I mean why would they lie right? Right?

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