Watch This Absolutely Gnarly Bail From Olympic Skateboarder Angelo Caro Narvaez


The Olympics started on Friday and one of the standout events so far has definitely been skateboarding’s debut in the competition with some absolutely incredible runs from both men and women over the weekend.

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However, there were also quite a few instances of people falling off their boards when their tricks didn’t exactly go to plan and there was no better example of this than this bail from Peruvian skateboarder Angelo Caro Narvaez. He managed to lose his balance after landing a grind down a rail, only to fall over and slam into another rail right between his legs in that sweet spot. Looks very painful.

Yeowch. Thankfully this didn’t screw up Narvaez’s shot at a medal too much as even though he only got a 1.01 on that run, he kicked back in the next run and best trick section of the competition, qualifying for the final and eventually ranking fifth with a score of 32.87.

For more of the same, check out Tony Hawk ripping up the Olympic skate park to celebrate skateboarding’s debut in the competition. Monumental moment.


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