Watch A Colombian Prostitute Snort Cocaine Off A Guy’s Ass


You would think that people might be a bit more stringent about their drug use during a global pandemic – you know, not sharing notes etc – but it seems like it’s just made some people looser, as this latest video shows.

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There isn’t really much to say about this short clip, other than it sounds like it’s being filmed at a party somewhere in America, although the woman in it is labelled as a Colombian street worker so it’s feasible that it could be taking place down in South America. Anyway, the guy basically pays the woman to snort cocaine off his ass, although the guy filming says that it’s 2C, so maybe it’s 2CB instead? I always thought that came as a pill though so who knows?

Anyway, watch and enjoy:

Wild. I bet those guys went on to have a majorly fun night after paying women to do whatever they wanted them to do. True champs.

If you’re gonna do drugs in the foreseeable future, maybe cool it on stuff like this though and try and keep it as clean as drug taking can be? It’s important that we all look out for each other at this time.

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