Watch A 28 Foot Anaconda Kill A Crocodile In The Amazon

A fight to the death.

It’s well known that anacondas are absolute bastards when it comes to murdering other animals and people, but it never becomes any less impressive when you see it in action yourself.

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We’re over in the Amazon for this one – the anaconda’s natural habitat – where a wildlife photographer from Albuquerque, New Mexico named Kevin Dooley was enjoying some lunch on a boat in the wetlands where he spied an epic battle for supremacy between the snake and a crocodile. Never having his camera far from him, he quickly grabbed it in order to take some shots of the absolute war between the two animals which the anaconda eventually won.

Here’s Kevin’s account of the fight:

I was sitting in a boat having our lunch when this happened. I couldn’t believe it all. I heard all of this splashing, and when I looked I could see the caiman was suffering.

It all happened in around eight minutes. I think eventually the anaconda ran out of oxygen and had to let go of the caiman.

The croc launched its jaws at the anaconda then, but the snake managed to get away and slither out, I think eventually the caiman died.

I felt very blessed and very lucky and somewhat sad for the caiman. I never thought in my life I would witness something like this.

Yeah he’s pretty lucky to have seen it and even luckier to have snapped it all, for sure. Anacondas are major badasses and its testament to their resilience that they can have fights like this and look like their goners but still end up killing their foes and getting away scott free. Gotta rate that.

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