Watch A 10 Foot Tsunami Sweep Through A Chinese Water Park After Wave Machine Malfunctions

Terror on the high seas.

Part of going to a water park – or a theme park for that matter – is being kinda terrified and exhilarated but being in a safe environment where you know nothing is gonna happen, so when that bubble is burst the fallout is even more terrifying.

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This is exactly what happened when a wave machine malfunctioned over in China at Shuiyun Water Park in the Jilin Province. A plume of water that’s about ten foot high crashes towards a bunch of people in the wave machine area, before refusing to stop and taking out a whole bunch of people who were standing around minding their own business, literally sending them flying everywhere and ending with them cut up and battered.

Check out the footage below:

OK that doesn’t look that scary but I suppose you have to appreciate how tall  and powerful the waves are in comparison to what you’re normally expecting from a waterpark like that. They are an absolute mad ting when you think about how tame wave machines can normally be and the injuries that these poor Chinese people have suffered as a result of it.

Kinda makes you think about who is making these wave machines in the first place? Like how can they malfunction so badly that they can even achieve these carnage? Why are they designed to even function at this capacity in the first place? Who wants to be faced with a literal tsunami in their back yard? Probably need to think about those specs at the manufacturing level again pal.

44 people were reported injured after the blast and three are still in hospital for broken bones and abrasions. Get well soon guys. Apparently the park have already fixed the fault and has been re-opened, so nothing to worry about there.

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