Wanda Icardi Demolishes Slut-Shaming Troll By Telling Him She Gives Oral Sex Every Night

She sure showed him.

Wanda Icardi AKA Wanda Nara, wife of PSG forward Mauro Icardi, is one of the more controversial WAGS out there and for good reason.

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She caused a huge rift in her home country when she seduced Icardi while still married to his Argentinian teammate Maxi Lopez, and she’s now also Icardi’s agent (lol). She also keeps busy on Instagram, having racked up a monster 7 million followers.

Despite, um, some evidence to the contrary online, Wanda has had to deny her involvement in a certain sex tape doing the rounds. Naturally this has made her a target for slut-shaming trolls online, one of whom seized the opportunity to be a dickhead in the comments section under the following photo, which Wanda had captioned ‘innocent face’:

The troll’s comment translated to:

Who would have thought that due to oral sex you would get where you are?

Quick-witted Wanda was happy to shut him down with her response:

One?! I do it every night. Why don’t you try too?

Damn! Utilising the old B Rabbit 8-Mile trick there. Oh you think I got to where I am because there’s a video of me sucking off a dude on xhamster? Well joke’s on you because I’m actually sucking dudes off every night! Can just imagine that IG troll sitting in his mum’s basement, flabbergasted by her response. There’s just nothing he could possibly say that would be an adequate comeback.

So yeah – well played, Wanda. Nothing like telling the haters you give BJs every night to really stick it to them.

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