Walmart Employee Caught Wanking Behind The Till Refuses To Admit It Despite Evidence On Camera

Denial is not just a river in Egypt.

Guess it was a quiet day at the office for this guy working the tills at some Walmart gas station over in the States — quiet enough to bust out an undercover wank while manning the till instead of taking a short break to the toilet.

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Here’s the moment a customer busted him:

Hmm, quite sure you were 100% jerking off there mate. I mean we all do the “hands down boxers” chill move on the couch now and again but you don’t actually go into full on wank mode from there unless you’re sure the coast is clear. This guy was blatantly catching some porn on his phone and completely lost track of where he was and whether any customers might be showing up.

LOL at the “if you think that’s jerking off I feel bad you” comeback line. Good one bro.

Big ups to the guy filming him it as well. No one wants to catch a guy wanking off on the job and dealing with the awkwardness that follows but hey, might as well film it and try and go viral. 2015 baby.

Heads up to the employee in question though – too much of it can genuinely kill you.


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