The Walking Dead Pancakes Are Here

Walking Dead Pancake Art

The Walking Dead returned on Sunday and people are getting excited.

The Walking Dead returned on Sunday night for a fifth series and people were pretty excited – so much so that it received its highest ever rating of 17.3 million viewers in the States.

It’s also led to a variety of pieces of fan appreciation in the run up like this Bad Lip Reading of The Walking Dead but super fans Nathan Shield and Kevin Blankenship took it to the next level by creating the perfect accompaniment to the show – that is if you’re watching it in the morning. They’ve created breakfast pancakes in the likenesses of all of your favourite characters and have even produced an instructional video showing you how to do it at home so you can enjoy them too.

This is pretty much perfect for the English who want our fix of Walking Dead along with our breakfast before the dreaded Monday morning at work – the only problem is you probably won’t be assed to make it in time. Let’s just hope that the reported ebola patients rising from the dead in West Africa are just more Walking Dead promo and not an actual problem we have to deal with anytime soon so we can enjoy our pancakes in peace.

Walking Dead Pancakes 1

Walking Dead Pancakes 2


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