Walgreens Security Guard Has Hell Of A Time Detaining Shoplifter, Should Probably Find New Career (VIDEO)

Security needs security.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but working as a security guard somewhere like Walgreens probably isn’t the highest-paid gig around, and so it really calls into question what lengths you should be expected to go in order to detain a shoplifter.

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In the following clip, the security guard puts everything he’s got into trying to stop a shoplifter from escaping. Was it enough though? See for yourself:

Welp, top marks for effort, but unfortunately the crook got away. I don’t think there’s much better advice than what the bystanders in the video were telling him, which was to sweep the guy’s legs or at least wrestle him to the ground via his legs. Instead he just kept bearhugging him until he got dragged all the way out the door and ended up so knackered he had to let him go. A major L in anyone’s book, especially when you’ve got a whole crowd of people advising you and putting you under pressure and you still manage to cock it up.

Even still, he probably put in more effort than his paygrade should warrant, so fair play for trying. Shout out to everyone else standing around and filming instead of helping the poor guy out too. Sure is a lonely existence being a Walgreens security guard on this evidence.

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