Wales Becomes The First Country To Offer ‘Fart Classes’

Fart classes

How niche.

You can’t beat an amusing typo – who can remember the ‘Beloved Cunt’ episode of ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’? What a classic.

A woman who set up an ad in North Wales Weekly News might just have topped Larry David’s blunder by advertising for ‘Fart Classes’. The mistake was on a listing of classes for people in Colwyn Bay with an interest in drawing and painting. With a description like that, it’s obvious she was supposed to promote ‘Art Classes’.

Fart classes

Since going viral, the paper has admitted the error and pointed out that it was not down to the organisers of the classes. Although due to the widespread publicity, it’s probably worked in her favour. I’m sure this week’s lesson will see a few new faces hoping to get the 101 in farting techniques.

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Although farting classes might seem completely crass and pointless, according to this study, smelling farts makes you live longer while doing them prevents dementia. So maybe there really is a gap in the market for a farting teacher. What a job title.


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