Robert De Niro’s Company Files $6 Million Suit Against Former VP For Binge Watching Friends For 55 Hours

You can’t binge watch whilst you’re working.

Pretty much everyone out there has been guilty of binge watching a couple of TV series in those lazy hungover days on the couch ordering takeaway, but I don’t think that any of us would have the gall to spend our working hours binge watching TV shows and then expecting the company to foot the bill for it.

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This is exactly what a woman named Chase Robinson thought was acceptable behaviour when she was working for Robert De Niro’s production company Canal Productions as its vice president 2017 to 2019, and it turns out that she neglected her role so badly that they’re now suing her for $6 million. The binge watching of  television shows is probably the most ridiculous of her alleged offences – she apparently used the company Netflix account to watch 55 hours of Friends from Tuesday January 8th –  Friday January 11th and another 32 episodes on a single Saturday when she was meant to be working from home – but there’s also a couple more dumb things that she’s been accused of as well:

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Binge watching 20 episodes of Arrested Development and 10 episodes of Schitt’s Creek.

Submitting fake documentation in order to be paid for 96 days of ‘unused’ holiday

Jetting off to LA to ‘pick up and deliver signed coffee table books based on De Niro’s film Taxi Driver

Racking up hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of bills for personal items on the company credit card and using the petty cash fund, including $12,696.65 in unauthorized charges at Paola’s restaurant over a two-year period, $8,923.20 at Dean and Deluca and Whole Foods, and $32,000 for Ubers and taxis.

OK so they’re probably more concerned about the fact she scammed the company out of loads of money with false documentation and expense accounts rather than the fact Chase was binge watching Friends for hours when she was supposed to be working, but that’s still gonna count against her in this court case. It sounds like she’s in a lot of shit, but I guess when you steal millions of dollars off your employer then why should you expect any less? Hopefully she gets what she deserves.

One thing about all this that surprises me is that she spent so long binge watching Friends? Like why don’t try a new show rather than spend literally 55 hours watching something that you’ve no doubt seen before millions of times. Maybe she was hungover all week or something? That’s the only possible scenario I can respect here, other than maybe she was chronically depressed or something. Really concerning someone spending that much time bingeing.

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