Here’s How To Vote Tactically In The General Election

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Make your vote count.

As we all know, the snap general election called by Theresa May is fast approaching (only two days to go) and with so many aspects of our daily lives depending on the outcome, it’s more important than ever that everyone makes their vote count.

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I’m not going to tell you who to vote for, but it does seem obvious by now that if we vote for the Tories, it’s going to end in the continual diminishment of our public services, in particular the NHS, as well as a harsh Brexit deal. Many people share the fear of another five years of Theresa May and the Conservatives in power, so much so that they’ve decided to vote tactically this Thursday.

Becky Snowden, 28, created an online document recently which shows how voters can attempt to defeat a Tory victory and this was spread so far across social media that it’s now become a handy website. So if you too would like to know who to vote for in your local area in order to drive out the Tories, head on over to her website, put in your post code and voila – your answer will be there.

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I know who I’m voting for and you should now know too. If you’re still not sure about who to go with, check out this post we published yesterday. It should clear a few things up for you.


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