A Volunteer Got Covered In Dog Poo Whilst Cleaning Community Flower Beds



If you’ve volunteering for anything then you probably don’t want to end up covered in dog shit for your unrewarded efforts, but this is unfortunately the situation that one unnamed Bristol woman found herself in following her commitment to cleaning up community flower beds for free.

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The woman is a volunteer for Poritshead In Bloom and was weeding a flower bed in the suburb when she got dog poop all over her hands and in her hair. She was apparently so upset that she initially refused to go back to work until another member of the volunteers calmed her down.

She is now calling for dog owners to take better care of their animals and their pooping habits, encouraging them to clean it all up like most responsible pet owners should. Portishead In Bloom chairman Ian Murphy said the following about it:

Dog Poo Bed

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There have been a number of incidents where our volunteers have discovered dog mess in the flower beds and gardens we care for.

One of the worst places for this is Jubilee Park.

A member of our team was weeding the bed there when she ended up covered in dog mess which was very unpleasant for her.

We are having to be increasingly vigilant about avoiding this sort of hazard when we are out with our working parties.

Where the majority of dog owners are responsible and clear up after their pets, unfortunately there are some who are not.

It is not only unpleasant for our volunteers – all who give their time for free to care for Portishead – but also very disheartening for them too.

There are dog poo bins at Jubilee Park so there is no excuse not for people to pick up after their pets.

We are appealing for all dog owners to be responsible so our volunteers to do not have to deal with this unpleasant hazard while out working in the town.

I mean everything they’re saying there is perfectly reasonable but I’m still kinda confused about how this volunteer got all this shit all over her in the first place? Like surely she could have just seen it and moved it herself if there was so much of it that it managed to get all over her?

The only way I can really imagine this happening is if she slipped and fell over, which is kinda her fault when you think about it? Just can’t understand how this could have happened and don’t really feel sorry for her when it’s pretty easy to not get covered in dog turds – especially in your hair – when they’re lying on the floor and you’re walking around. Makes no sense.

For more dog turds, check out this guy posting four pounds of dog poo through his neighbour’s door after he failed to pick it up. Ruthless.



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