A Guy Posted Four Pounds Of Dog Poo Through His Neighbour’s Door After He Failed To Pick It Up

Dog poo


It’s a very real problem if your neighbour’s dog is constantly pooping all over your communal garden space and I really think that if it continues to happen after you’ve complained about it then you really don’t have another option than to do what Mike Haddon did and shovel it all up and post it through your neighbour’s door. That’ll teach them.

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The Southampton resident was so enraged by the repeated leftover piles of poop that he even filmed the exchange to post online. I guess this would make everyone on the internet see how disrespectful his neighbour and his dog were, but it also has the side effect of making everyone think that he’s a complete weirdo for shovelling that poop into his neighbour’s letterbox. Swings and roundabouts I suppose.

Here’s what Haddon had to say about the situation:

It’s been going on for a while with a particular neighbour of mine.

My fear is the council might ask folk to give up their animals if this continues.

It’s not fair – genuine people, good dog owners could lose their dogs. If you’ve got a dog you’ve got to be responsible for it.

What I done was justified. It doesn’t make me feel good but if I get my dog taken away through that man’s actions, I’ll be devastated.

I mean you gotta do what you gotta do when it comes to dogs haven’t you? They are legitimate fears and it seems like this neighbour really is taking the piss with all those turds being constantly left in the garden. Hopefully this extreme action is the wakeup call that the neighbour needed, or otherwise they’re probably gonna get a tonne of shit piling up in their house. I know which I would rather do.

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