Vladimir Romanov reckons Hearts is worth around £50 million. We’re a bit baffled to where he plucked that fairytale figure from.

SCOTTISH football has often been described as something of a Mickey Mouse league by English media pundits over the years. But that theory has always been rubbished by respected figures north of the border, with the old age argument about Rangers and Celtic being European heavyweights. However, recent events seem to suggest the Walt Disney corporation might well be proud to become the new SPL sponsor in the future.

Ever heard the one about the Scottish Football club owner who values it at £50million?

No it’s not a line from a Disney creation, it’s actually true. Yes that’s right Vladimir Romanov reckons Hearts is worth around that staggering figure as he considers selling the Scottish Premier League club. Romanov, who has constantly courted controversy since arriving on Gorgie Road, must be living in a fantasy world to think the Jambos are worth £50million.

Maybe he sought inspiration and guidance from someone in the Magic Kingdom after plucking that fairytale figure from thin air.

When asked what value he had on Hearts, he said: “£50m – that’s five zero!” Nearly half of Hearts playing staff remain to be paid wages due on November 16, with the club putting the blame on a hefty tax bill.

It is understood at least two groups are interested in taking over the club but are still to finalise proposals that would then be put to Romanov. One of the groups is looking at the potential of Romanov retaining ownership of the stadium and leasing it back to new owners until the land value rises and then could be sold to clear the debt that currently stands around £33m. Romanov is planning to turn his back on football for good once he manages to sell on his assets so he can buy a theatre.

He said:

“I want to leave football. I have given the order to find buyers for all my clubs.

“I want to buy a theatre and sell the clubs.”

So it seems Tynecastle is no longer Romanov’s theatre of dreams.


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