Vladimir Putin’s Official Driver Has Been Killed In A Head On Collision (VIDEO)

Vladimir Putin's Official Car Crash

His favourite driver has died.

It goes without saying that Vladimir Putin has a lot of enemies, but were the events of the video below a simple accident or part of something far more sinister?

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It’s unsure if we’ll ever know, but the facts are that an unnamed man with over 40 years of experience who has been identified as Putin’s favourite chauffeur (think Meechum in House Of Cards) has been killed in the crash. Putin himself wasn’t in the vehicle at the time of the crash, but it was his official car so who knows if this was an accident or something else?

Check out the video and see what you think:

Yeah I mean as you can see, the car was struck full on by another car crossing over one of those crazy six lane highways they have in Moscow. Sure, it could have been someone losing control but it could have been a targeted attack and the police are currently investigating this possibility. The road was closed for some time whilst they cleared it up and gathered evidence.

All we really know now is that the driver is dead. RIP – I’m sure he did a great job driving around the leaders of Russia during his 40 years on the job. As for Putin, maybe he’d better watch out or take refuge in one of the nuclear bunkers he recently built.


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