Vladimir Putin Has Made His £87m Siberian Mansion Disappear Off The Internet

Classic Putin.

Ever since he tried (and failed) to assassinate arch nemesis Alexei Navalny last summer, things haven’t been going too great for Vladimir Putin, with protests kicking off around Russia after Navalny was jailed upon his return to the country for the first time last week.

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This week, a luxury mansion linked to Putin in Siberia has been removed from Russian’s #1 online map site in a bid to hide its existence. The £87 million hunting and fishing retreat beside the Yenisei River was previously visible on Yandex (Russia’s equivalent of Google).

Here’s an architectural render of Putin’s lodge:

Pretty nice! And what it looks like on Yandex now:

Can’t just have any Tom, Dick and Harry show up to your £87m retreat when you’re an evil dictator just trying to get some peace and quiet and unwind once in a while, right? One phone call and boom – Putin removed his secret getaway from the internet. Except it’s still visible on Google Maps, but hey maybe not every person angry at Putin will figure that out.

Funnily enough, Putin only hid the location after Navalny had exposed (from prison no less) Putin’s other secret mansion in the Black Sea… worth ONE BILLION POUNDS:

As with the aforementioned hunting lodge, the last thing you want when you’re chilling by your £1 billion mansion in the Black Sea is for a bunch of people to show up demanding their rights and freedoms and such. Not to mention that according to Russian counterintelligence, NATO has been spying on the area following Navalny’s reveal.

Putin has already had his childhood friend (some other Russian oligarch) come out and say the £1bn palace is his and not Putin’s, but I don’t think anyone’s buying that. I mean has there ever been a more blatantly corrupt politician? The guy is worth $200 billion FFS:

Putin’s gonna Putin I guess. Have you heard about the new law he plans to pass before he steps down as President. About as Putin as it gets.


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