There’s Been Another Virus Outbreak In China, Stoking Fears Of A Second Pandemic

They say they’ve got it under control – but they said that about Coronavirus.

The Coronavirus pandemic has totally altered everyone on the planet’s life in unimaginable ways and we all know that its epicentre is in Wuhan, China – but what if the Chinese haven’t learned their lesson and unleash another global virus on the world?

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This is highly unlikely, but reports are coming in that a pig farm in Yunyang Country, Chonquing is now riddled with a deadly strain of African Swine Flu with over 298 contaminated pigs – all of which were transported illegally from elsewhere. Chinese officials are insisting that they have the situation under control, but this is exactly what they said was going on when COVID-19 first reared its ugly head.


If the virus isn’t contained, then it could potentially infect millions of swine. There is no known vaccine for it and transmission can also occur via animal feed. Humans that are infected with the virus are left gasping for breath with horrific red blotches on their skin. Symptoms also include a telltale cough and a high temperature like Coronavirus.

There’s been a lot of chatter recently about how China attempted to cover up the initial spread of the virus, with some reports saying that the real death count was covered and that doctors were punished for publishing warnings on it, so there some fear that they could be doing the same with this one. At the moment it doesn’t seem anywhere near as widespread as COVID-19, so let’s hope it stays that way and we don’t have another global pandemic on our hands. Could you imagine?

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