Flustered Virgin On ‘Naked Attraction’ Rushes Off Set After Being Overwhelmed By Vaginas

He had to be consoled by producers backstage.

When you’re a virgin in your 20s, the sight of one vagina, let alone six, can be quite alarming. So it’s probably not a good idea to go on a show like Naked Attraction where pink tacos are practically thrust into your face for examination.

Young Brian was so taken aback by the genitalia before him that he had to temporarily leave the set and be ‘consoled by producers’ backstage:

Host Anna Richardson told MailOnline:

A young chap called Brian who is a virgin, a lovely guy, wine connoisseur and proficient musician, felt really faint when he was faced with six naked girls.

He was a good lad, he came back on and faced the rest of the show.

Welp, I guess vaginas look a lot scarier in person than they do on TV. I mean this guy has obviously seen Naked Attraction before so he’s well aware of what a weird fucking show it is, but seeing an entire row of meat curtains up close and personal was just too much for him to handle.

Fortunately, as Anna says, Brian returned to set to finish the rounds and secure a date with one of the lucky ladies. Will facing his fear of vaginas also secure a loss of virginity? Here’s hoping.

For the woman who showed her date a mould of her vagina on ‘First Dates’, click HERE. What an icebreaker.


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