There’s Now A Viral TikTok ‘Pee Your Pants’ Challenge

The future is now.

Holding my hands up here and saying that TikTok is definitely the worst form of social media that has ever existed as the levels of stupidity (re: creativity) involved in it continue to astound me.

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I would like to think that this has now peaked with the new viral ‘pee your pants’ challenge, but I’m fairly certain that we’re only another Presidential whoopsie away from the Travis Maldonado endorsed ‘shooting yourself in the head’ challenge. Anyway, you can probably guess what this involves but in case you can’t, here’s the first attempt at the challenge from some melt called liammw2:

@liamw2##peeyourpantschallenge ##fyp

♬ original sound – liamw2

Lol? Why do they always call these things challenges? There’s absolutely nothing challenging about standing there and pissing yourself, it’s completely easy.

Anyway TikTok being TikTok and kids being kids, a whole bunch of people started attempting the ‘challenge’ and pissing themselves in front of their mirrors. Bet their parents really appreciated having piss all over their trousers and carpets or whatever. Real useful vibe during quarantine. So excited for the future.

@liamw2##peeyourpantschallenge ##fyp

♬ original sound – liamw2


♬ original sound – liamw2

@mentally7evanPEE YOUR PANTW CHALLENGE ##PeeYourPantsChallenge ##PeeYourPants

♬ original sound – mentally7evan

@cole.kubictiktok shadowbanned my last one smh ##peeyourpantschallenge

♬ original sound – cole.kubic

@nathansthomasthis better not flop piss went up my nose ##fyp ##quarantine ##leavingmybody ##oops ##gymnastics ##peed

♬ original sound – liamw2

Jesus, although that handstand one is pretty impressive sure – not even sure how your dick would be pointing for it to piss in that situation. Lot of transferable skills in being able to do that as well.

For more of the same, check out this little kid pissing all over a guy proposing to his mother. Lol.


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