New Study Shows That Violent Video Games Make You Kinder And More Moral

Is the reason you’re a good person because you play so many video games?

There are loads of studies which say that violent video games make you a terrible and immature person, but what about the research that says opposite?

New research carried out at the University of Buffalo in New York asked participants to play violent and morally questionable games like GTA and Mortal Kombat and found that actually those that hurt a virtual character or made them suffer an injustice were found to be more emotionally affected than those who didn’t.

Dr Matthew Gizzard said:

Rather than leading players to become less moral, this research suggests that violent video gameplay may actually lead to increased moral sensitivity.

So there it is. The reason you turned out to be a horrible person has nothing to do with the fact you’ve played too many violent video games. Oppositely if you’re a great person then that has everything to do with that time you kidnapped and killed a prostitute in Vice City. It’s because you felt so bad about doing that that you started treating people better in real life. Love it.


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