Watch Vince McMahon Drop An F Bomb On Raw Last Night

Vince McMahon

He broke his own rule.

We’ve already talked about how Shane McMahon sensationally returned to Raw last night – and is scheduled to fight the Undertaker at Wrestlemania – but there’s even more from the story as it turned out that Vince McMahon was so into it last night that he actually dropped an F-bomb on live television.

Due to the fact that Raw has a 7 second delay in the case of any such controversy, nobody at home heard anything but some guys were filming live at the event and have gracefully uploaded the footage onto YouTube for everyone to see. It really is something telling your son that you’re going to fucking beat his ass on live television for the whole world to see isn’t it?

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Oof. Vince you dirty bastard.

Of course, this hasn’t really come at a very good time for Vince, considering he recently fired Brad Maddox for saying ‘pricks’ during a house show. Wonder if he’ll be facing the same punishment for saying something much worse on a live broadcast? I doubt it but hey, he’s the boss right? And to be fair, I guess sometimes in the heat of the moment of cussing out your own son on television it just gets to you huh?


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