Here’s A Video Of A Whale Swallowing A Diver And Then Spitting Him Out

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Holy moly!

Everyone’s heard that story about the guy who gets swallowed by a whale and lives in his stomach for a bit until he figures out how to make it out, but the thing about that is that it’s fiction – whales don’t eat humans in real life.

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Or at least that’s what we thought as the video below proves otherwise. Well, kinda. You can see below the story of a 51 year old diver called Rainer Schimpf who was swimming around the coast of South Africa with a bunch of sharks when out of nowhere a whale came for him and tried to eat him.

Whales don’t actually eat humans – we’re assuming he thought Schimpf was a dolphin or something – so when the whale realised his mistake he spat him out straight away. Fortunately one of Schimpf’s mates was filming him and managed to get footage of the incident – something that has apparently never been caught on film before:

Yeah, that was a bit underwhelming there wasn’t it? Not really sure what I was expecting from the footage but I thought it might be a bit more dramatic than that. Still, cool to see something that has never been capture on film I guess.

One other thing that was a bit weird that I thought we should flag was Rainer saying that he felt a ‘connection’ to the whale now. What kind of ‘connection’? Like a sexual one? That’s very disturbing to me – could maybe see this guy desperately searching for the whale for the rest of his life so he can make out with it or try and get swallowed by it again because he has some weird whale swallowing fetish now. Just putting that out there.

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