Here’s A Video Of A U Shaped UFO Appearing Next To A Plane Landing At Heathrow Airport

UFO Heathrow

The truth is out there.

A whole bunch of people are losing their shit over the fact that a guy recorded a plane flying into Heathrow airport and also saw some weird small black dot flying in the sky next to it as well. Is it finally proof that aliens are among us?

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You tell me:

Hmm. Surely it’s just a bird or a bin bag or a weird balloon or something and not a UFO? The person who filmed it piped in with their two cents:

The object, which didn’t seen to have any solid shape, seemed to fly towards an airliner as it was landing about a mile or two from Heathrow.

It then seemed to change direction and fly away from the airport direction. There was no noise an it didn’t seen to be going too fast.

I thought it was strange that it was flying very close to the Heathrow inbound flight path.

I guess it’s kind of strange but I mean the fact that it’s so far away and blurry and just kinda looks like a little bug or speck of black crap doesn’t really help with this analysis. It’s also weird that the guy stopped filming it if he was convinced it was a UFO – why not film it as long as possible? And why was he even filming it in the first place.

Sorry, not convinced, especially after the CIA declassified all these documents about UFOs a couple of months ago.


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