Leaked Video Shows Brutal Torture Methods North Korean Agents Use On Prisoners

North Korea

This is shocking.

A shocking video has emerged from North Korea that allegedly shows the brutal torture methods used in North Korea on suspects.

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The footage shows a security agent asking a woman if she had sex with Chinese men. He then goes on to push, kick and slap the woman, while her hands are tied behind her back. In another it shows an agent shoving a stick between a man and the chair he’s sitting on, before being slapped and punched. Apparently the man had been accused of ripping up a picture of the former North Korean leader, Kim Jong-il.

You can watch below, but be warned – it’s a distressing video:

Harrowing stuff, right? It would be interesting to know how the footage made its way out of the prison and onto the internet. Perhaps there’s a rogue North Korean agent trying to bring down Kim Jong-un’s regime, one leak at a time.

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