VIDEO: This Is Why You Shouldn’t Snort Bath Salts

Kid gets high on bath salts and trips balls in the back of a fed car.

Ages ago we posted a story about bath salts being banned in Florida because loads of people were snorting them and getting really high. At the time we were thinking ‘jeez how bad can it be snuffing a load of bath salts’, well it turns out really, really bad. There are now reports surfacing saying that the cannibal dude who ate some guy’s face in Miami earlier this week was high on bath salts at the time. There’s also the video below, which is of some kid who after calling 911 and screaming down the phone received a visit from a couple of police officers. When the cops arrived at the kid’s house he was stood at the door with a t-shirt wrapped around his eyes and was holding a big ass butchers knife, not cool. Check him out tripping the fvck out in the back of the fed’s car which high on bath salts. Is he hating it or buzzing his tits off? Can’t quite work it out:

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