VIDEO: The Real First Kiss

The Real First Kiss

A Belgian TV show has finally filmed a selection of actual, real life people kissing for the first time. Will it be as successful as the original First Kiss?

After all the parody videos we stuck up yesterday of The First Kiss (in case you missed them that’s The First Sniff and The First Hand Job), today someone has finally made a video where they actually pick up random strangers off the street and get them to make out. At least they said that they’re all random strangers but I guess you can’t really be too sure considering what went down with the original First Kiss.

The honour falls to Belgian TV Show Volt, who even (allegedly) get their married presenter to kiss some random 52 year old woman in it. The results are fairly similar to the original First Kiss video, just way more awkward and weird as the kisses aren’t performed by trained professionals so you get a bit of a change in style but it is still fairly heartwarming and not as horrific as you might imagine. The people also are nowhere near as good looking but you could probably have guessed that yourself.

I guess the moral of the story is that people kissing for the first time is always kind of cute, it just looks way better when they’re really good looking models and actresses wearing hip clothes.

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