This Video Shows Why You Should Never Exercise In A Mini-Skirt Live On TV

Put it away love.

Fitness Instructor Barbara Klein had a serious wardrobe malfunction while appearing on shopping channel Ideal World. There’s never a good time to flash your crotch to other people, but live on TV has to be the worst of them all.

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While promoting a flexi-bar exercise instrument, she decided to take a seat. This is the moment where she probably now regrets wearing a white mini-skirt, as the camera focuses on an area that should only be shown in the bedroom. It’s been blurred slightly, but nevertheless, Klein was most likely not happy with the great reveal.

This video went viral when it first came out back in 2013, and now it has resurfaced, the footage has been doing the rounds again and has been watched nearly 140,000 times. One of the commenters said what we were all thinking:

How are there so many upskirts on QVC and Pricedrop and all that? There seems to be so many!

Damn straight. These days shopping channel wardrobe malfunctions are a dime a dozen. Particularly when it comes to the dreaded camel toe. How embarrassing.


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