Video Shows Men Armed With Machetes And Shovels Fighting Each Other At Funeral

Brutal footage.

I think it’s well documented that things are completely messed up in this country at the moment, but a video like the one below really does ram it home just how bad some aspects of it have become.

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The footage is taken from the dashcam of a white van from a couple of months ago after a family of bruisers storm into a funeral with machetes, bricks, hammers, golf clubs and shovels before they all jump out and start attacking people. They then run around a bit more and drive off into the distance, with one of them notably bleeding all over the place as well.

Nine of the people in the video were jailed after the incident, with Judge Paul Thomas KC saying the following:

It was beyond the realms of coincidence that between the two sides of the conflict at least one machete, lump hammer, baseball bat, pickaxe handle, shovel, and probably golf clubs were available for use.

From the available footage some of those present for the blessing were dressed as one would expect for a solemn occasion.

Many others were in vests with weaponry readily to hand in their vehicles or on their person.

The death of a family member is one of the most traumatic events in anyone’s life. And the funeral of such a loved one is a sacred time – one of great solemnity, dignity and huge sorrow.

This tragic family occasion was desecrated by your two warring factions.

That is a crazy video isn’t it and more like something that might happen in a TV show like ‘Top Boy’ rather than something you would have ever expected to happen in real life, especially in a place like Swansea as well. Nowhere is safe these days I guess. Wear a stab proof vest to the next funeral you attend.

For more of the same, check out when a German restaurant accidentally served hash cakes at a funeral. Similar level of craziness.


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