Horrifying Yet Fascinating Video Shows The Inside Of A Beatboxer’s Voice Box


Inside look.

Beatboxer Tom Thum decided to have an ENT doctor and laryngeal surgeon put a camera inside his throat, to show what his voice box looks like whilst throwing out the beats.

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Dr Matthew Broadhurst inserted an endoscopic camera down Tom’s throat whilst he was beatboxing. Here’s what Tom had to say:

I wanted to find out how my larynx functioned when beatboxing compared to how it functions normally with speech, and whether or not there were any abnormalities in my laryngeal anatomy. I also had very little idea of what the inside of my throat and all my noise producing mechanisms actually looked like. The results were fascinating yet horrifyingly graphic and will probably make a few people spew in their laps.

Wow, I never realised that the inside of our throats looked so gross – it’s like something straight out of Alien. At the same time, it’s fascinating to see how different it looks while throwing out all the different sounds. Clearly it takes a special voice box to make a truly talented beatboxer.

Something tells me Emma Watson does not have a special voice box, if this video is anything to go by.


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