This Video Of Emma Watson Beatboxing Is Really, Really Bad

Emma Watson Beatboxing

Clearly not a good idea.

To celebrate International Women’s Day, Emma Watson decided to team up with freestyler Lin-Manuel Miranda to make a viral video to promote gender equality via the organisation HeForShe. The only problem was that the video is probably going to go viral for being ridiculously cringeworthy and embarrassing.

Watson spends most of it insisting that she’s going to be awful at beatboxing, then spends the rest of the video being awful at beatboxing. I’m no beatboxer myself, but she puts up the most standard beat in history and also makes the most awkward arm movements/dancing whilst she’s doing it. It’s really, really uncomfortable to watch:

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See what I mean? I hope it actually succeeds in raising awareness for gender equality rather than raising awareness for how bad it is in general but I really can’t see that happening. Better luck next year guys.

To see an example of some completely sick beatboxing, check out Michael Jackson’s beatboxing version of Beat It. Incredible.


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