Video Resurfaces Of Patrick Vallance Warning Risk Is 30 Times More At One Metre

Here we go.

The UK is currently in a state of uncertainty it was announced that lockdown restrictions would be relaxed massively on July 4th, with a bunch of people really happy they can get haircuts and go to the pub and many others questioning how any of this will be able to be done safely and fearful of a second wave and lockdown to come in the future.

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I doubt this trepidation is likely to be eased by the following video from Sir Patrick Vallance that has re-emerged, claiming that hanging out with someone at a distance of one metre is 30 times more likely to lead to infection than staying at a 2 metre distance. Check it out below and see what you think:

Yeah that doesn’t exactly fill me with confidence, but nothing that the government has done so far during the Coronavirus crisis makes me think that they’re handling it well or even have a clue about what they’re doing really. Seems like they’re already tracking back on the one metre rule, saying that it should be above that and with precautions like masks and screens in place if you need to be that close.

Basically seems like the government are leaving it up to the common sense of the average person in this country so they won’t actually have to take the blame if (when?) a second wave does show up. Can’t really believe they’re doing that again considering how well it went just before the start of lockdown, but I suppose it’ll at least mean we get to enjoy a few weeks of the summer before we’re locked up all winter again. Not sure if it’s worth all the people that might end up dying though, are you?

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