Here’s A Video Of A Policeman Strangling A Woman For Not Wearing A Mask In Melbourne

The next step of mask warfare.

Pretty late in the day at the moment for writing something about someone not wearing a mask, but don’t worry because someone stepped up. For once though I think it might actually be the person not wearing the mask in the right here, as it seems like she’s getting majorly beaten up by cops for not wearing one.

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Over in Melbourne at the moment it’s compulsory for people to wear masks and this video picks up somewhere about halfway through a confrontation, where it seems like a policeman has become embroiled in a dispute with a woman about not wearing a mask and has begun to choke and strangle her in order to restrain her. It’s pretty gross footage as the woman screams that he’s choking her and he doesn’t seem to wanna stop until he has her pinned down on the floor.

The guy filming then starts saying that she has an exemption and everyone continues to rave and rant about it before the woman is eventually arrested and led off in a police van:

What a shit show, but I’ve gotta think that surely everyone involved in the video could have handled the situation way better and not overreacted and it could have been resolved way more easily and effectively? I know we don’t see the start oft he video, but surely if the woman had an exemption then she could have just shown it to the officer and that would have been that?

When they start fighting it always seems to me like it’s way easier to just co-operate with the cops rather than scream and shout at them as that’s only going to make the situation worse, which is exactly what happens. No matter what your opinion is on masks, the fact is wearing one is the law over in Melbourne right now and this woman clearly knew this if she had an exemption, so I don’t get why she just didn’t say that straight away instead of getting into a fight with the cop?

Seems like there may have been more to this, but even so the cop was a bit heavy handed on too and I’m sure there’s something other than that he could have done to de-escalate the situation. Seems so stupid that this is even a conversation we’re still having, but sadly that’s 2020 for you. Not getting any better.

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