Here’s A Video Of A Policeman Firing A Tear Gas Canister In A Man’s Face At Point Blank Range

He had just maced him beforehand.

There’s a lot of clips going round of policemen beating up Black Lives Matter protesters, but this is pretty much the most awful one I’ve seen so far so I figured it deserved its own article.

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The video comes from Grand Rapids Michigan and features some guy walking around near the cops, who suddenly gets maced in the face by one of them and then gets a tear gas canister blasted at him from pretty much point blank range. Pretty sure this didn’t need to happen as he wasn’t really doing anything, but take a look at the video yourself and see what you think:

Holy shit. I know the guy might be walking around where he shouldn’t have been, but did they really need to do that? I’m sure they could have ushered him out fairly easily or even a swift baton to the leg would have been preferable than that complete annihilation?

Seems very problematic, even if we weren’t in the midst of some of the biggest protests/riots that the United States have ever seen. Expect things to get worse before they bet better though.

For more of the same, check out this supercut of all the police brutality going on in America at the moment. Ouch.


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