Video Shows Paedo Begging For Mercy After Being Caught Trying To Meet 13 Year Old Girl

Saiel Bashar

This is truly pathetic.

A video shows the moment a man named Saiel Bashar was caught trying to meet an underage girl for sex by vigilante group Paedo Hunters Not Glory Hunters.

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Bashar had travelled from London to Birmingham to allegedly abuse the girl “in her mother’s bed”. Grim.

However, instead of a 13-year-old girl, the computer science student was met with members of the group outside Sutton Coldfield railway station. When challenged by the group, he started weeping hysterically and praying for forgiveness. It really is a pathetic sight to see.

Bashar’s plan was to buy condoms and baby wipes to then take the girl to her mum’s house while the mother was working. He allegedly offered her a mobile phone and lifts from school in return for sexual favours. No amount of begging and crying is going to make up for such horrific offers.

Since the confrontation, Bashar has been arrested and pleaded guilty to attempting to meet an underage girl for sex following online grooming. He is awaiting trial. Looks like another paedo bites the dust thanks to the good work of this vigilante group.

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